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Making Arrangements for You is our Business

           Great Tour Experiences Pty Ltd. (GTE). Terms and Conditions:


Booking Terms & Conditions for Bookings Travel 1 January 2023 / 31 December 2024:

Payment and completion of the Passenger name form acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted these booking conditions. Great Tour Experiences (GTE) is an Australian-owned company. GTE means Great Tour Experiences Pty in each and every usage.


COVID-19 Disclaimer: All travellers must be fully vaccinated under the Australian National COVID-19 vaccination programs to travel with GTE Inbound into Australia or Outbound. The Australian Government documented information on the Australian Immunisation Register or other compliant governments if outside Australia are the rules we will aim to operate within.

Complete vaccination is currently the standard adopted by most Airlines, Particularly Air New Zealand and Qantas, and most Cruise Lines. GTE. Join them, for you cannot travel internationally without an Airline and Cruise Line. In every Traveller's interest, the Covid Rules are always observed during the tour. It is the Traveller's responsibility to be vaccinated. You must therefore carry proof of vaccination and show it ON DEMAND. Failure to prove vaccination may mean a Traveller will be asked to leave the tour. Under these circumstances, no refund will be paid. This paragraph will be varied as the Pandemic ceases. Some Insurance policies cover this. We cannot be responsible for any costs related to COVID 19


Provider and money: Client Funds Account:

1. The travel services provider trades as Great Tour Experiences ABN 41 797 201 632 (GTE).

2. Unless expressly stated otherwise, all:

(a) References to money, $, or dollars are in Australian Dollars. Unless specified on the quotation to Overseas Travel Agents. (E.g. NZD when touring New Zealand)

(b) Prices and money amounts include Goods & Services Tax (GST), where GST applies.

(c) GTE runs a CLIENT FUNDS ACCOUNT holding clients' monies until tour payments are Due and settled with suppliers and service providers. Our tours are either prepaid to New Zealand, Australia, or other places visited for hotels and attractions or determined under their contracted terms. Our prompt payment ensures you will always be welcome upon arrival at any of the attractions/hotels we use. If a supplier has been paid, it sometimes takes time for them to pay us back, if at all.


Inclusion of Third-Party Products:

GTE Offers tour itineraries for the period based on the expectation that all accommodation and attraction suppliers will be fully operational. If, for whatever reason, any activity is not available at tour commencement, a replacement attraction/event or Refund will be paid to the client. The value of such a Refund will be the amount GTE is contracted to deliver to the operator. OUR ATTITUDE WILL BE TO MAKE GOOD for the client as BEST AS IS POSSIBLE under the new known Circumstances.



All OUR Group Package tours are priced based on our suppliers' schedules, fares, and tariffs at the time of when printing. GTE reserves the right to vary the cost of tours. WE SELL TOURS OFFERING THE CLIENT THE OPPORTUNITY OF FLEXIBILITY AND CHOICE. We have to accept and pass any currency fluctuation or component cost increase to the client. Tour costing will be guaranteed at a price prevailing at the date of final payment. However, we reserve the right should airfares, taxes or fees change caused by Government legislation; we will seek an extra charge up until the date of departure. Should human or computer errors occur, we reserve the right to re-invoice the group with the corrected invoice at the correct price. Some Tours indicate a Per Day Price. This is shown to assist clients with their Budgeting at a glance. The prices shown are often seasonal, which will be indicated in detail. We aim to offer year-round pricing, but seasons play a part in the Tourism Business. Seasons are controlled by time of year, Special Events, Hotel block-out periods etc. Quotes will be finalised on the application to suit your chosen tour departure time. From time to time, promotional pricing is shown. This will be indicated within the printed detail of the pricing offer. (See Promotional Offers below).

Various Promotional Offers: On 1 November 2021, we are offering some tours for $100 CASHBACK! This refers to a booking condition that guarantees you $100 CASHBACK as spending money in New Zealand. This is an appreciation of your booking and your travelling with GTE, Great Tour Experiences Pty Ltd. This offer will appear and is offered on some tours but does not apply to all. Offers and their specific offer terms will be clearly shown when a tour is offered for sale and when applicable.


3. To make a booking, either: (a) complete your details in the "contact" section of GTE's website for a GTE team member to contact you; or

(b) telephone GTE direct.

4. (a) Correctly spelt full names of all travelling party members must be provided and match the corresponding Traveller's passports. (see 3c).

(b) Travellers will be charged additional fees where document amendments are necessitated due to typographical or spelling errors provided by the Traveller or their agent.

(c) Caution: airline carriers may refuse boarding permission to travellers due to incorrectly spelt names.

5. All reservations are subject to availability at the time of booking, which will be made after total deposits have been paid and received.

6. (a) Pre-booking verbal and other pricing quotations are estimates only, and prices may differ at the time of booking.

(b) Prices can vary for many reasons, such as third-party suppliers' increasing costs, new or increased taxes, and fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates.

(c) Travellers shall be liable and responsible for payment of increased prices and charges before GTE receives final payments. GTE will cover increased costs and expenses after all travellers in a group have paid for their package in full. Should Governments or exchange rates be dramatically changed prior to departure, any additional costs are at the client's expense.

7 The person making the bookings for two or more travellers forming a group is deemed to act on behalf of their travelling companions. They will be considered to have accepted the booking terms and conditions on behalf of all. They will be the authorised agent of each of their travelling companions.

Airfares: Once the tour has been booked and confirmed, we are dictated to by the airline and their rules regarding re-payments, cancellations, baggage etc. We will always aim to obtain the best overall deal for you, our client. Airlines have the right to increase the fare cost right up to departure. This will be at the client's expense.


Payment of Deposits:

8. GTE will inform travellers of the deposit amounts per Traveller payable at the time of booking. However, in all circumstances, An initial non-refundable deposit of $50 per person is required on all Group Tour bookings. A Further $150 or a negotiable amount will be required when confirming your airfare and Hotel bookings. All our airfares are negotiated at the time of booking. Terms vary from airline to airline. The terms of the chosen airline apply to all transactions.

9. The total balance of payments is due no later than 65 days before the departure date except where specified otherwise. Cancellation fees will apply as per the published Terms and Conditions.

10. Calculation of final instalment payments will be calculated on the day of payment and be based on that day's applicable foreign currency exchange rate quoted to GTE by ANZ Bank.

11. Tickets and all other travel documents will be issued only after the full payment is cleared.

12. (a) Payment of any monies to GTE is payable only by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or direct deposit into GTE's bank account or by cheque drawn from an Australian trading bank. Cheques must be made payable to Great Tour Experiences Pty Ltd

Cancellation and Refunds: (Travel Insurance is recommended)

GTE reserves the right to adjust the fare for passengers travelling in the group with an increase in the ticket price to cover any reduction in Group Numbers before departure. Transport is costed based on the final numbers travelling. If there is a cancellation, the loss will be calculated and apportioned to cover any shortfall caused.

13. Cancellation charges and refunds can vary depending on tour types. Additional information and conditions are contained in travellers' Tour Booking Forms.

14. All deposits are non-refundable, subject to clause 8 above.

15. Cancellation notification must be written in writing and sent to [email protected].

16. In addition to non-refundable deposits, other cancellation charges apply as follows:

(a) Cancellation of land arrangements 60 days or more before departure. Loss of all Deposits and any amounts prepaid to a third party (Operators), e.g.Hotels and Airlines etc.

(b) Cancellation within 59 Days and 30 days before departure: Loss of 50% of the Land arrangements tour price.

(c) Cancellation 29 days before departure until the departure date. Loss of total per person tour cost;

(d) Cancellation of Air Tickets: This will be made under the rules of the issuing airline.. This may vary dependent on the airline chosen.

(d) Any other charges and fees levied by third-party suppliers.

17. In the event of cancellation or postponement of an event by the event promoter or any other organisation, GTE will not be liable in any way. GTE does not warrant any refund by third parties. Travel Insurance is recommended to cover you for such loss.

18. No refunds are payable regarding unused accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, transfers, or any other services included in tour costs.


Refunds and Changes by Clients cause additional costs for the group: Once the tour has commenced, no refund shall be made for any unused portion of any itinerary. Any changes to the Itinerary brought about through the Tourist Group making such alteration to the touring Itinerary shall be at the group's expense. Any unused portion of the original Itinerary will not be refunded.


Amendments and Changes to Bookings:

19. Changes to tour or travel booking will incur:

(a) Any additional charge by GTE of $55.00 per booking changed; and

(b) Any additional fees and charges charged by third-party suppliers to GTE or travellers directly.

20. GTE will be guided by, and travellers will be bound by, the terms and conditions specified by the airline in respect of amending airline tickets

21. (a) Tour fares are based on airfares, and exchange rates are current at the date tickets are printed.

(b) Travellers are liable for any airline fare increases that occur before the departure date.

(c) In the event of currency fluctuations or necessary amendments to itineraries, tour costs will be adjusted accordingly. The additional costs, if any, must be paid by the travellers. Conversely, if such changes reduce a tour's total cost, a refund will be made.


Flights, Passports, Visas, Permits:

22. (a) All travellers are required to present for photographic and passport identification and verification at check-in.

(b) Most airlines require group travellers to check in approximately 120 minutes (2 hours) to 3 Hours before departure.

(c) Airlines have the right to refuse travellers boarding who do not check in within the required check-in period

(d) The Traveller's responsibility is to determine check-in times and ensure they check in at the appropriate time.

(e) All international travellers require passports to remain valid and not expire for at least six months or more at all times.

(f) It is the Traveller's responsibility to ensure the currency of their passport.

(e) It is solely the Traveller's responsibility to arrange all necessary visas and permits to travel.

Note for New Zealand and Australian Citizens:

New Zealand and Australian citizens/ Nationals need an Australian or New Zealand Passport. Australian passport holders do not need a visa or permit to visit New Zealand. Visitors from visa-waiver countries must request an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) before travelling to New Zealand. For visitors from non-visa waiver countries, it is recommended that you contact NZ Immigration for complete entry requirements. Suppose you are not an Australian Citizen or permanent resident. In that case, you may also have to pay for an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). Your responsibility is to work with the passport office or various Embassies to ensure satisfactory entry and re-entry documentation. Failure to do so can be costly if stopped at the border.


Additional Taxes and Charges:

23. (a) All pre-payable airport taxes and charges are included in the tour price; however, they are subject to change.

(b) In some cases, airports levy additional charges on departure, which are the Traveller's sole responsibility.

24. Hotels and service providers often add service fees and charges to accounts of a personal nature. Such fees and charges are solely the responsibility of the Traveller.


 25. GTE strongly recommends that travellers obtain suitable and adequate travel insurance that provides appropriate cover and indemnity against unforeseen circumstances.

26.. Travellers are solely responsible for arranging suitable, adequate travel insurance.GTE can assist you with a Travel Insurance Policy.

27. Insurance policies are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. GTE recommends that travellers carefully read their insurance policies and understand policies' terms, conditions and exclusions.

Tour Inclusions:

28. When making the booking, it is the Traveller's sole responsibility to confirm which components are included in purchased tours and packages

29. GTE is not responsible for any failure by travellers to confirm their tours and packaged inclusions.

Tour Exclusions:

30. Unless expressly and clearly stated in itineraries as included in the tour cost, the following are not included in tour and travel packages: charges for passports, visas, meals, beverages, laundry, excess baggage, items of a personal nature, vaccinations and inoculations, expenses for guides and transportation, insurance cover, and any item in an itinerary marked as being an option or is optional.


Privacy Policy:

31. GTE collects certain personally identifiable information from tour coordinators and travellers to provide its services.

32. GTE is the sole owner of all information it collects.

33. To provide its services, GTE may be required to disclose such information to third parties such as airlines, tour coordinators and accommodation providers. GTE will not disclose personal information unless necessary to procure a service on a traveller's behalf or is compelled by law to do so.

34. (a) GTE may request certain personally identifiable information from travellers (such as name and residential address) to provide and receive payment for such services.

(b) Travellers must provide the accurate contact information requested by GTE

(c) Providing incorrect information can lead to an inability for GTE to provide its services and, in some jurisdictions, may lead to criminal charges.

35. GTE will not collect sensitive information about travellers from anyone else without the Traveller's consent.

36. Travellers at all times retain the right to access their personally identifiable information within GTE's possession or control to ensure its accuracy. If travellers wish to ensure the accuracy of such information, change the details provided, or that GTE delete information, travellers may request such from GTE in writing.

37. GTE is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. GTE engages in practices and safeguards to help ensure the accuracy and security of personal information. If travellers have any privacy concerns, they are asked to contact GTE.

Disclaimer: GTE'S Responsibilities of Service:

38. GTE acts as an intermediary and agent for suppliers in selling services or accepting reservations or bookings for services not directly supplied by GTE; these range from hotels, attractions, transportation, or cruise vessels. Travellers should familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions on which our services are supplied. GTE will not be responsible and is excluded from liability for any loss, damage, omission, or acts being negligent or otherwise committed by these contracted operators used in connection with our delivery of these tours.

39. GTE is not responsible for any breach of contract, intentional or careless actions or omissions on the part of third-party suppliers that result in any loss, damage, delay or injury to travellers, their travel companions or group members.

40. GTE shall not be responsible for any injuries, damages or losses caused to any traveller in connection with terrorist activities, war, insurrection, radiation, radioactivity, or social or labour unrest. Mechanical or construction difficulties, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, abnormal conditions or developments or any other action, omissions or conditions outside the coverage against them.

41. Travellers' retention of tickets, vouchers or booking issued to them constitutes travellers' consent to the above and an agreement on their part to convey the contents of these terms and conditions to their/your travel companions and/or group members.

42. By engaging GTE and making a deposit and/or full payment for packages or specified arrangements, travellers acknowledge GTE's position as set out in these terms and conditions. They agree to hold GTE blameless in making arrangements on travellers' behalf, provided the same shall be made through generally acceptable suppliers at the time of engagement. Travellers further agree that restitution of damages, if any are claimed, shall be sought directly from third-party suppliers, not GTE.


Travellers also agree:

43. (a) they are bound by tour suppliers' terms and conditions and services as set forth by the suppliers;

(b) that rates are subject to changes without notice;

(c) tickets or admissions to tours and events are subject to availability;

(d) payment of the deposit or full payment constitutes their consent and agreement to these stated provisions

(e) Members on our GROUP TOURS are generally for a. Club, School, or an Associated Event. All are known to each other at the time of booking. Expectations and enjoyment of included activities may differ. This is individual. GTE will not be bound by or liable for any description, photograph, representation, or warranty made by or provided by any third-party Sales Representative, Travel Agent, or other person or entity relating to any tours offered by GTE. All decisions for your group will be made in conjunction with your appointed Tour Leader and operated according to these terms and conditions. GTE cannot be responsible for their decisions, but we will always provide guidance. We rely on the knowledge and good grace of our contracted Concierge Driver-guides.

General Conduct on tour:

44. GTE expects all Passengers to behave like the Captain- not the Cabin Boy. We reserve the right to refuse a traveller from embarking on a tour and remove the Traveller from continuing on the tour.

(a) Any GTE representative deems a Traveller's behaviour unsatisfactory and affects the tour's general operation.

(b)They compromise the general enjoyment of the tour by other travellers in any way.

GTE will not accept general behaviour affecting the Traveller's health and safety, compromising themselves or other Traveller's enjoyment. Abuse, unacceptable language causing offence, excessive alcohol, use of illegal drugs, or any harassment or bullying of other travellers, including GTE staff, representatives and third-party contracted suppliers. GTE is not liable to the Traveller for any costs associated with any disciplinary decision to remove such travellers' from the tour. Travellers with mental or physical conditions will be covered under these same rules. Suppose there is opposition to such a move within the group, causing other group members to withdraw. In that case, this will be settled immediately and be final. The unused tour portion will not be refunded to the offender or the members who voluntarily elect to follow such a person and leave the tour.

Photos-video etc.:

It is accepted that all tour group members may take photos/videos of various scenery, people and places or may record music, Bands, Orchestras, Choirs etc. These can be sent home while on tour. GTE reserves the right to do the same for future promotional purposes in Newsletters, the internet, etc.


45. All parties agree and acknowledge that any legal relationship with GTE and any claim, dispute or legal proceedings against, with, or concerning GTE:

(a) Is governed and construed under the laws of New South Wales (NSW), Australia;

(b) Each party irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of NSW, Australia;

(c) A party may not seek to have any proceedings removed from the jurisdiction of NSW Australia on the grounds of forum non-conveniens or on any other settings, and, for the avoidance of doubt, all parties waive any right they have or may have to object to an action being brought in the jurisdiction of NSW, Australia;

(d) Shall not, and cannot, be brought or determined under the laws or courts of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand or the dominion of Canada or their territories or protectorates.

Arranged Visits:

46. If your party requires an introduction to or arrangements made with, a school or organisation, GTE will endeavour to facilitate such and initiate an initial introduction. After that, however, both parties are responsible for ongoing other matters such as communications, requirements, scheduling of events, exchanging gifts, and agreement regarding disbursement of subsequent costs and or proceeds.


Code of Conduct:

47. (a) All travellers are expected to uphold and maintain acceptable behaviour, conduct, decency, respect and language.

(b) Theft, harassment, malicious damage, and acts of a similar anti-social nature will not be tolerated.

(c) Individual travellers and/or touring schools/organisations shall be liable for and be held accountable for all damage, repair, replacement, restitution, court and legal expenses, fines and compensation arising from their actions or the actions of members of their travelling party.

(d) Should any traveller be removed from a tour, all associated costs for return to their home destination shall be solely at the Traveller's own expense. No refunds are payable by GTE or any other party for any unused portion of such Traveller's tour package.


Itinerary Variations

48. We make every effort to operate each program according to the description made in any offer or published in any printed or electronic form. However, situations out of our control, such as local holidays, occasionally arise that require changes. In such cases, we reserve the right to vary itineraries and/or inclusions or substitute hotels of similar standards. We only make changes that improve the program or are in the best interest of the tour participant's comfort, health and safety.

Force Majeure:

49.. GTE shall not be liable in respect of and to pay any compensation where the performance of its obligations is prevented or affected (whether directly, indirectly or contributed to) because of circumstances amounting to force majeure events outside its control. They include, for example, because of the act of God, a front of public enemy, war, earthquake, riot, fire, storm, flood, explosion, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, adverse weather conditions, compliance with any law governmental restraint order or rule, and all similar events.

General Information and Guidance:- Information Providing Knowledge and Understanding to Make Your tour better:

Clients Tour Accommodations: 

GTE aims to maintain a 4/4.5 Star standard. (School Groups 3/4 Star) standard. We aim to use QUALMARK Rated properties. QUALMARK ensures that properties are regularly assessed to provide consistently high service, cleanliness, and comfort. Meal service and suitability are essential to us. Rooms are contracted by us and allocated by the hotels. Upgrades are not possible for us. The client can organise any requirements and the appropriate fees paid by them directly. Should we have to change an allotted hotel for whatever reason, we will endeavour to ensure that the alternative hotel is of an equivalent value and standard. Qualmark is an award owned by Tourism New Zealand used to indicate the quality Standards of the Airline Air New Zealand, Hotels, and other accommodations and attractions indicating a quality standard of the product offered. It is similar to the Star rating System used in other countries.


Rooms are priced on a Single and Share Twin / Double Basis or indicated otherwise:

Triple or Quad rooms, if required, will require a separate costing and be priced on application. Should a tourist nominate to share with one group, both must accept and agree on compatibility. Suppose you consider your rooming partner unsuitable at any time during the tour. In that case, we will endeavour to arrange single accommodation (room standard may differ) for you for the complainant for the remainder of the tour, subject to availability and at your own cost. Our Groups are usually people who know each other and are travelling for a particular purpose. We do not accept any responsibility for the suitability of the allocated rooming partner. We will aim to room people to the rooming list provided by the Group Leader.

Triple Share Room Bookings

Hotel rooms are generally sized to accommodate two travellers in comfort. ( 2 double or Queen-size beds). 3 or 4 Tourists electing to share a room should note that this sometimes restricts the space. Some hotels place a rollaway bed for triple-share or quad-share bookings when 3 /4 separate beds are required. Student tours: GTE aims to always provide adult standards for students. Note: New Zealand and Australian Hotels will not allow students to share beds. (This is a health and Safety ruling).


Dietary Requests: Currently, people travel and have many dietary requests. Most of our Accommodations or Restaurants can handle special dietary requests. E.g. Vegetarian, Diabetic, Lactose Intolerant, gluten-free, and any life-threatening allergies (whereby the Traveller carries an Epi-Pen). These requests will be forwarded to the hotel and /or attraction suppliers. Prior advice and other medical requirements should be advised before departure so the operator can inform our hosts as required. We cannot accept responsibility for any breakdown as it is beyond our absolute control. We will do our best to avoid this problem and help the passenger accordingly. Any religious or Dietary request for meals in-flight should be communicated when booking so our staff can make suitable arrangements. Airlines restricted dietary conditions vary. ,

Internet and Telephone calls: The hotels we use have internet access available. Not all hotels offer this for free. Wi-Fi, charges may apply. ALL telephone and ancillary bills set up at hotels must be cleared at reception before breakfast on the day of departure.

Luggage Limits: ONE suitcase on tour measuring (length + width + depth) no more than 150cm (59"). Weight limits are subject to Occupational Health and Safety issues. A suitcase can weigh up to 23kg (50 lbs). Please be aware that oversized or overweight luggage may be refused to be carried by coach companies and may be sent as freight on a different aircraft. That can be a disaster. Airlines allow a carry-on. (Weight limits 7 Kilos). A small backpack is ideal. These can be carried on the coach when travelling... Space onboard the coach is fine, but if travelling in Mercedes Limo Vans or similar, a trailer will be used, and space is a little more at a premium. Respect your fellow Traveller- Your Mates., Carry-on bags are approximately (length + width + depth) 81cm (32All luggage carried is entirely at the travellers' risk. We at GTE take no responsibility for accidental damage or loss. Suppose a traveller brings more than the allocated limit of luggage. In that case, any additional arrangements made to get their luggage to the final destination will be arranged and charged to the Passengers account. Our advice is available at all times.

Our Concierge Coach Captains- Mercedes Sprinter Concierge Limo- Van Drivers:

All are very Professional, with plenty of interesting local commentary. Each Driver is responsible for providing comfort and service within the industry, particularly on our tours. Driving carefully and maintaining their vehicles throughout the time is as important to them as it is to you and us. They are our representatives and our appointed Tour Leaders. They will work responsibly with your appointed tour leader within your group. They are responsible for the Traveller's well-being and for coordinating all the accommodation and activities. It is essential that while on tour, those travellers follow your GTE Concierge Coach Captain and Van Concierges' instructions.

Note: If you feel your group needs a paid Tour Leader to travel with you, particularly in New Zealand or Australia, we can provide this for you at additional cost. Our experience is that the system, as stated, is quite adequate in New Zealand. If required, request a quote at the time of application.

Tipping and Gratuities: GTE, Coach Captain's and/or Tour Leader's work exceptionally hard to provide all travellers with a memorable and Great Tour Experience. Most are family people, and tipping is greatly appreciated for extra exceptional service. Many tours arrange an envelope to be circulated for a farewell group presentation to the Coach Captain and/or Tour Leader with any contributions based on personal appreciation. The choice is yours.

Flexibility: GTE boasts choice and flexibility, variety and variation, all in the spirit of helping you get what you want to meet your expectations. We aim to make arrangements to suit you at all times. GTE reserves the right to cancel or vary the content of its tours, including replacing an attraction or event where the need arises caused by extenuating circumstances beyond our control. We will always aim to make good regardless of the occasion. Suppose there is a need for any compensation. In that case, it will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and a settlement will be agreed upon between your appointed Group Leader and our representative in the absence of contacting our office. Compensation is not guaranteed but will be reasonably considered.

Lost Property: GTE does not accept responsibility for the retrieval of lost or misplaced property. All costs associated with the recovery of lost or mislaid property are at the travellers' expense. We will help you to recover such items where possible.


Who are our usual Travellers? GTE's demographic of travellers is wide and varied. We have been a leading operator of School and Educational and Sporting Tours for some years.

 Music Tours, orchestras, bands, and Choirs are all on our list of successes. We have for years handled the British and Irish Lion Rugby Union Supporters tours and Wales and Argentina Rugby Supporters. Of Course, we have done The All Black Supporters too. They travel 2000 at a time. We more recently have set up itineraries for over 50 Lifestyle markets. They are discerning people, quite 'Gadabouts'. They are a lot more adventurous in small friendly Groups. Usually, a few mates get together to go and do things that are different. They are happy to rejuvenate and recharge their batteries, drink the wine, try the farm-to-plate menus, drive a fast-paced race car or ride the Shotover Jet.

We offer tours that are well-detailed at the time of purchase. As our name suggests, we aim to show you 'Great Tour Experiences'- Moments that provide good Memories for Life. We expect you to be in good health to enjoy full days of touring with your friends. We understand gentle walking and the toll of aging. We also know the expectation of active fun and enjoyment for those of younger age groups. Our itineraries are tailored to respect that. Our goal is not to embarrass anyone on our tours. However, we set out to provide maximum enjoyment and experiences for all ages. We rely on our third-party operators to ensure your health and safety at all times. Older age groups are not expected to walk Mountains or Glaciers. We offer Helicopters or mac boats (Tasman Glacier) as substitutes. Bush walks are scenic but can include moderate inclines and uneven surfaces. We have been there and done that. As such, we include some attractions that challenge. We offer the opportunity to experience an adrenaline rush and enjoy elation. You can still enjoy some things you did or would have done when you were young.

GTE is pleased to discuss how you feel about the level of fitness when considering booking. For your comfort, GTE will consider making reasonable, alternative modifications to accommodate your needs or special arrangements at the time of booking. GTE sells Group Tours. Our objective is to not deprive others in the group of enjoying their chosen tour and inclusions. 

GTE Expectation and Your Health and Fitness:

Payment by a traveller of a deposit to GTE acts as a warranty that you are reasonably healthy and/or fit to participate in the tour. You, the Traveller, indemnify GTE from all actions, claims and demands arising from any want of health and fitness. The Traveller must choose a suitable tour to avoid embarrassment and disappointment.

Important information relating to the travellers' health, mobility, and fitness may affect their partial or total participation in the tour or the enjoyment of other travellers. GTE will make reasonable modifications to accommodate any special requirements. We aim to assist with your requests at all times, but they must be valid. Our operator, or we, will be the judge of that. Other travellers' safety, enjoyment and satisfaction on our tours are paramount.

Upon booking and at tour commencement, the operator assumes that you are fit and well enough to travel at this time. If a traveller requires care and assistance, this must be indicated at that time. We need a reasonable standard of fitness at all times. GTE and their operators are limited to the amount of personal service or care, e.g. pushing a wheelchair, assisting with dressing or walking. If in doubt, discuss these problems with us at booking. A travel companion capable of providing the required service or care can alleviate many of these problems. We are responsible for enjoying and satisfying all the tourists in your group. Disabled or semi-disabled persons travelling must be advised to GTE at the time of booking so they may make the appropriate arrangements if possible. We cannot be responsible for any services or lack of assistance from any third party or independent suppliers. Any costs will be charged directly to the client.

Concierge Coach Captains / Van Drivers are not trained to handle medical problems on tour. In the event of an emergency, assistance from local medical services needs to be acquired. Travellers will be responsible for all the costs involved in such necessary services. However, an accident in New Zealand is covered by the NZ Government accident compensation health fund. GTE cannot be held liable for any treatment they provided at the time. Customer care, however, will be paramount at all times.

COVID 19 Health regulations:

We will be guided by the State and Country Health regulations, regulated on the day or as they become known. (It is accepted that these frequently are changed day by day). Travellers must provide their own Masks at all times. Travellers must be fully vaccinated in line with the laws, health, and safety protocols developed and used by the Australian and New Zealand Governments and the World Health Organisation. GTE will be guided and will enforce the protocols as regulated. Rules change frequently, and Travel Insurance policies are now available to cover COVID 19. GTE do not accept any claims or costs related to COVID19.

Smoking Laws: Smoking is not permitted in any indoor spaces in New Zealand hospitality venues. This means you cannot smoke inside bars, gaming venues, clubs, hotel rooms and restaurants.

GTE will provide each Traveller with a fully printed, timed and detailed itinerary and air ticket ( if we have done the ticketing) 10 days before departure. This will be the Itinerary the Concierge Drivers will use to operate your tour. Any changes will be made on time in conjunction with your appointed Group Leader. You having a good and enjoyable tour is paramount to GTE. These terms and conditions will cover all itineraries; a brief version will appear on such Itineraries. Payment of a deposit will indicate that you have read the terms and conditions as they appear in full on the company website. www.greattourexperiences.com or https://greattourexperiences.nz www.greattourexperiences.com.au Greattours.vip

Optional Activities:

GTE aims to make their tours "ALL INCLUSIVE"( we purposely offer town and around dining when we want you to experience the local cuisine). However, there are times when the nature of an activity may suit some tourists and not others. These items will be shown as "Optional". It will be apparent in the documentation how the attraction/entry fee will be paid and where/ when. Sometimes this is on booking, e.g.Self Driving Ferrari Racing Cars; these require a Bond and Zero alcohol condition upon breathalyser test before driving. The host professional driver/ guide needs to be pre-booked. (A failed alcohol/drug test means no refund). GTE Concierge Drivers do not sell-side tours. They can help you with advice, but GTE does not operate these additional excursions. GTE does not take any responsibility for any action, loss, injury, or damage of any type arising in any manner from these excursions. Optional Tours are subject to availability. Once booked, cancellation fees may apply. If Helicopter rides are not able to fly, the event will, if possible, be moved to another day or area. If not able to happen, a refund will be made or, by agreement with your Group Leader, the event will be replaced.


Use of any personal data you provide to GTE for your booking is governed by the GTE Privacy Policy. By providing personal information to GTE, you consent to GTE collecting, holding, using and disclosing your personal information. In certain circumstances, you agree that GTE is permitted to disclose your personal information to overseas recipients. In particular, your booking is committed by the operators of hotels, attractions, cruise vessels, and transportation companies used in connection with the tours. The supplier may also have a privacy policy covering how they handle your personal information. Please contact the supplier directly for information on their privacy policy. GTE does not keep a record of any credit card or bank account details of their passengers.

Validity: Itineraries are generally produced and personally tailored for each group to provide clients with their CHOICE and FLEXIBILITY that suits their pre-arranged requests. Every group has its Dreams. We want to deliver as best we can to meet those dreams and demands. Any Itinerary is costed on when you want to travel as hotels normally work on seasonal rates.


GTE- Great Tour Experiences Pty Ltd has an attitude to serve and satisfy you. We do not wish to upset your dreams and expectations. Still, we want to add to them and ensure your good times and happiness throughout your time with us..... You might then see fit to recommend us to others. Thank you for touring with GTE- Great Tour Experiences Pty Ltd.


All tours sold are governed by our Terms and Conditions. A copy appears on our website.

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